10.Walter R Samson(non-registered)
Great photos.
My line goes back to Abraham Samson, brother or cousin of Henry.
Samsonville, NY was named after Henry Samson, a tanner. Did you ever come across that Henry?
9.Chrissy Delano(non-registered)
Had a great casual family photo shoot over at Wheaton College last week with Ken. Photo's came out great - couldn't be happier!
8.Steve F(non-registered)
Hi Ken, great collection of photographs! I enjoyed looking.
7.Stan Felton(non-registered)

Your pictures are the best! I love the subject matter and the high quality and composition of your photos. Thanks. Stan
6.Cat Pucci(non-registered)
Congratulations on the new site! Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing
4.Eileen Buckley(non-registered)
Hey there! I am so proud of you!!!! These pictures are amazing~ I am delighted to see what you have captured. Hi to all the Conways..EB
3.Rich Edge(non-registered)
Remarkable! Thanks for sharing!
2.Sylvia R Edge(non-registered)
Wonderful... Awesome pictures. Love it!!
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